8/13/11 Bittersweet Day

First an update: We didn’t go to FM in Carrington on Friday because it rained…and when I say rained, I mean it poured for hours. We got over 2″ on our already saturated ground, and now we have standing water in our backyard and worse yet, my garden…but more on that later.

Today started out wonderfully; the sun was shining, humidity was low and it was a good day for making jam. And boy, did I ever; I made 12 batches of rhubarb raspberry spread which used up every ounce of rhubarb I had frozen earlier this summer in the freezer-and I had frozen a lot! I doubled the batch so it only felt like six, but I like the recipe b/c it uses more fruit than sugar, which is atypical of most jams.  It made a total of 31 pint jars. After finishing that, I decided to go ahead and make some peach jam-it’s a big seller at the farmers’ markets. I made three batches, enough for 27 half pints. Finally, I made labels for all of these and sad down for a little rest until the guys came home from an auction. I was feeling pretty good about my day and what I had accomplished..

Adam and I went out to the garden and were dumbfounded. Easily half of the garden is under water, and I don’t mean a little bit-the water came to my calf while we were picking raspberries. We have so much under water now; the cantaloupes (which were doing really well!) from the NDSU trials, pumpkins, corn, half the potatoes, beets, carrots, and some peppers. I started to pull the straw away from the carrots and beets so the water doesn’t rot them, but unless we get some serious heat, I think they will do just that. The only crops not affected are the tomatoes, squash, jalapenos, and cucumbers. I am sick to my stomach-all that work and the odds of them surviving this are slim.  The tomatoes are big but green..still! And to top off my awful garden experience, the mosquitoes in this swamp were horrendous. We always spray Deep Woods Off before we go outside; I put a good coating on and thought I’d be ok. Wow, within a few minutes they were buzzing about and thick. I was bitten several times before I made my son go back and get more. I put it everywhere-in my hair, on my face and ears, on my clothes, etc. They stayed at bay but we finished up quickly. I had to shower when I came in; I was sticky from all that Off!

We did harvest some corn today and froze 40 ears from three rows. We still have three rows left to harvest which aren’t ready.  So it was like a sandwich kind of day; it started off great, had a yucky center, but ended up nicely with the corn harvest.  Tomorrow we are making a double batch of peach jalapeno jam before church and then leaving for MN for a funeral. Busy busy!