Marinade Madness

Old business first (Robert’s Rules and all)- it DID rain here, not once, but two days in a row, so I didn’t have to water. Yeah for us! Things are finally popping around here..

Folks, listen up: if you aren’t marinating your meat for the grill, you are missing out on some good meat. Don’t waste your money on those pre-made ones; they are usually full of salt and chemicals you learned about in high school chemistry. Your cupboard and fridge are chock full of ideas; I have never made the same marinade twice!

Marinade needs a few basics; an acid (vinegar, lemon/lime juice),  some spices, a fat/oil, and an aromatic such as onion, garlic, zests, etc. Knowing which type of meats need the acid is important, too. The acid breaks down the meat to tenderize it, so I wouldn’t suggest it for fish, but I do use it on all my red meat and chicken, only because I love what it does to my chicken!  Dig around and you’d be amazed at what you can concoct-the one I made yesterday was so good and it used what I had in my fridge. I took 1/3 c each of cocktail and barbecue sauce, 1/4 c lemon juice, melted some bacon fat, squeezed in some honey, pressed some garlic,  and added a big glop of Dijon mustard. I am not one for measuring, by the way. These are simply estimates. I let the chicken breasts marinate in the fridge in a plastic container (never use metal) overnight and the next day grilled it. MAN! It was so good. After eating some for lunch, we refrigerated the rest and today sliced it up to put on lettuce salad.

Have fun, monkey around with it, and you, too, will be mad for marinade. It adds a nice kick to your meat and your family will think you are a pro.