Cupcake Cuties

It’s that time of year again; the county fair is just around the corner and my son and I are trying to think of clever ways to win the grand champion in baking. We hit upon a big idea yesterday and loved the results; it is a fun idea for kids and adults alike, and the combinations are endless.

We baked a yellow cake mix and used applesauce instead of oil, something I always do now.  It produces a moist cake without the extra fat/calories and is just cheaper to use as we can a lot of applesauce every fall.  While the cupcakes are baking we took two pudding cups and filled the Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator and the pastry attachment; I added some marshmallow flavoring to it, but you could add marshmallow fluff or jam-use your imagination.  I really like the Decorator because it’s got a multitude of tips to use and is so versatile. It’s easier than using a pastry bag in my opinion. Again, I’m not promoting PC; I simply love their products and have a kitchen full of them for a reason. Anyways, when the cupcakes come out, immediately take them out of the pan and inject the pudding mix into it until you see it crack at the top. Then we took a tub of frosting and added a pudding cup to that. If I had white frosting I would consider using vanilla, blueberry, or cinnamon roll flavored-again, be creative! It makes the frosting creamier and is easier to frost the cupcakes since the frosting doesn’t grab the cake.  After frosting, we added marshmallows to the top; you could add toasted coconut or whatever-look in your cupboard and have fun. The key here is to use the ingredients you already have; don’t go out and buy ingredients; it’s wasteful and costly.

We had fun making these and here are the results. Go make some cupcake cuties of your own and post the results. You can see where my son made a smiley face on the bottom center cupcake. Silly boy!