Divide And Conquer..in More Ways Than One

In cleaning out the iris bed, I am faced with a lot of irises…we aren’t done yet and I have a large wheelbarrow full of uncut ones and a smaller wheelbarrow full of trimmed ones. I predict when it’s all said and done the large wheelbarrow will be overflowing with irises of all colors. I know it’s important to divide these things every few years, but man! One root will have seven or eight growing out of it. That’s a lot of dividing. We should be getting rain tonight and so tomorrow we’ll finish the bed and then I’ll take a picture of it. It’s amazing so far. I wanted to finish on Sunday, but then I realized IT WAS SUNDAY and I didn’t want to get dirty after church nor did I want to work that hard on my day of rest. Today was a busy day; after going to the chiropractor again (and feeling much better now), I mowed our vast lawns (3 acres worth), picked strawberries and froze a large bag, trimmed irises, and the best part-harvested some Saskatoon berries! Yeah! They look like a cross between a Juneberry and a blueberry. Yum!  Wait, I forgot the unfunny part of my day; I told you about our dog, Daisy, now it’s time to talk about our cats.

It’s like a soap opera on our front porch; we have two males (dad and son) and a female (daughter/sister). We had six cats, but coyotes have gotten three of them-I expect Marlin Perkins and Wild Kingdom to show up any day around here. Anyways, as you can imagine, with neither male being fixed (my husband is too cheap to get them fixed-he thinks they should duke it out and believes in survival of the fittest), there tends to be a lot of fighting over the female. She’s a wily one; she plays both of them like a fiddle. She’ll wrap her tail around Tiger, the dad (GROSS!) and then go over and lick Sherbert, her brother/other lover. This drives both of them crazy, the hissing begins, and pretty soon we hear WWF going on outside. Sometimes she literally jumps in on the fight; not sure who’s side she’s on, but she likes to be part of the problem AND solution. Vixen. The problem with all of this alpha/beta stuff going on is Tiger literally scares the crap out of Sherbert. I do mean literally. On our front porch. In front of our door OR next to the grill-the same I grill I make our meals on a daily basis. Guess who cleans up these treats? I guess now we can put to rest wondering if the idiom, “Scared the crap out of him” is real or not. It is. I had to bleach the cement today b/c that darn cat (hey, that should be a movie title!) did both jobs during tonight’s cat fight. My husband hates cats as it is, and this is not helping the situation at all. Sherbert usually hides in the tall grass/trees behind our house, sort of like a jungle cat, but he comes up to the house to get fed. Must not be any mice out there…or he doesn’t know how to hunt. He isn’t the brightest prize in the Cracker Jack box.