Sister Sledge Had It Right…

Sister Sledge is known for their one hit wonder, “We Are Family” back in the late 70’s and it is a nice mantra for sisters. In my rush to talk about the upcoming fair, I didn’t mention this past weekend and will do so now.

I’m from a small town in MN and am proud of this; some people try to run away from their past but it’s nice to go to a place where you go to either the church you grew up in or the neighboring town’s church and afterwards spend a half an hour chatting with people you haven’t seen in awhile. Or you go to the local grocery store and spend more time visiting with old acquaintances than buying groceries.  This weekend my son and I went to Appleton to attend two functions-my aunt’s 80th birthday party and a dear friend’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. I love going to events where the people are my parent’s age; it’s so nice to visit with them because they know HOW to visit. I think the generation under us has lost that skill-and yes, it is a skill- because they grew up with screens in front of them, be it TV or computer. Think about it; we had four channels in our house growing up and they were NBC, CBS, ABC and public. If you didn’t like what was on TV, you went outside to play, read, or found something to do which usually involved speaking with someone else. Cable came along in the 80’s and changed everything…I know because I remember vividly going to a town friend’s house (Karen Johnson!) and watching MTV when it actually played videos.  Ok, memory lane sidetracked me for a minute but I’m back on the highway again.

Five of the six siblings were there and we enjoyed visiting each other as well as cousins and our parent’s crowd. Here’s a pic of my sisters and me enjoying our cousin’s mouth-watering buffet:

I am blessed to come from a large family with great siblings who also married in to great families. We don’t have any of that Hatfield-McCoy stuff going around here. Younger generation, pay attention: if you take your boyfriend/girlfriend to meet your family and they don’t mesh well, reconsider who you’re with because family DOES matter and WILL be there when things go south. I also have a sister-in-law whom I consider a sister; she lives on the home farm and is a lot like me. She and I could talk gardening and food all day long and we share tips back and forth all the time. DISCLAIMER: I have another sister-in-law who is a good soul, too; I just don’t see her as often since she lives farther away. I don’t want anyone to think I’m shunning her-but I have more in common with the Appleton one since she lives on a farm as we do. Here’s how great she is; every summer my son goes to her to get his annual summer buzz. Nope, I can’t do it, but she does and so here it is:

PS My son is mortified I put this in here, but he’ll get over it. It’s good motivation for him to start lifting weights and get a tan : )  I had a second event this weekend on Sunday; I was planning on going to a 50th anniversary in Appleton, but a horsefly stopped that from happening. How can a horsefly possess such power you ask? While picking strawberries on Friday night, one bit me in the ankle. I cleaned it, put triple antibiotic on it and forgot about it. It was itchy, but I took a Tylenol PM at night (don’t judge me!) so I wouldn’t scratch it in my sleep all night. I’ve done that before and wake up the next morning with a bloody sheet and skin under the nails-gross! On Saturday while traveling, it began to swell. By the evening, my leg had a cankle (calf+ankle) and was hot. I ended up cutting my visit short and leaving after church on Sunday because I knew if I took anything for the bite such as Benadryl, I’d be sleeping while driving-never a good combination! I was sad to miss the anniversary since I knew classmates would be there, but  I’ll catch them this fall! It just goes to show how even something as insignificant as a horsefly can cause a chain of events different than what you planned. Life does that to us, too, doesn’t it? And no, I’m not showing you a picture of my ankle. You’ll have to use your imagination.