Ramblings Before 8 A.m.

I love waking up early on the farm, making a pot of coffee, and sitting at the table planning my day. What adventures will we seek today? Dusting? Looking for butterflies?  Cleaning out the fridge? It all depends on what I write down on my list. My husband cringes when he sees me reach for my notebook because if he’s not at work that day, something I write on there will be on his ‘honey-do’ list. To be fair, I always ask him first what he has on his agenda for the day before I write down a job which might require several hours and/or permission from the pentagon for him to do.

I have been making a list since high school. My sisters and I would get a piece of scratch paper, sit at the kitchen counter, eat breakfast and plan our day-who was going to do what job, make meals, etc. Mom would chime in every now and then and let us know if she wanted something done, too, but with three of us home, we usually figured it all out. There is nothing more satisfying then putting a line through the job once it was done nor more depressing then seeing the one job you just don’t want to do staring at you, daring you to put the line through it. “Come on, get me done already…those windows aren’t going to wash themselves!” it would taunt us until we finally got it done. With those unpleasant jobs, there had to be a reward when finishing them and I still do this today. Back then, it was watch “Days of Our Lives” secretly upstairs so dad wouldn’t see it and turn it off. This is of course before the advent of taping, DVR, etc. There was nothing worse than watching it on the kitchen TV as we were eating lunch only to have Dad walk in, see it, and say, “Turn that trash off!” Click! It was always when Bo and Hope were about to reconcile for the millionth time. Now days, my reward for finishing an unpleasant task is to use the computer. Everyone knows that time-sucker is dangerous if not metered out. As I am writing this my son is next to me on the ipad playing a game. Why isn’t he eating breakfast or feeding the chickens?! He gets jobs on my list, too, lucky dog. I let him scratch them off just like I did, so he can feel the satisfaction of getting something accomplished, too. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with today’s society; perhaps people who shirk work and live on unemployment simply need someone to teach them how to make a list. If I didn’t make one, it would be easy to lay around the house, watch TV mindlessly, and blame someone else because I had ‘nothing’ to do. Meanwhile, the house is dirty, the lawn looks like a redneck nightmare, and my mind is turning to mush. Make a list, draw a line, and feel a sense of accomplishment today rather than failure. Be in control of your life! Ok, getting off the soapbox now.

Today’s list includes making 14 kuchens for the kuchen contest at the Foster County Fair. We only need six, but I will sell the other eight-they are the ones who won’t make the cut for perfection. Tonight is also the Parade of Champions for the 4-Hers, and since my son won grand champion on his strawberries, we will be there. Speaking of them, they are on the way down production-wise. We are only picking every other day now and getting a one pound clam. Sigh. It’s been a weird year for berries. My raspberries are half the height they were last year; I depend on them for my jalapeno-raspberry jam, so I’m just a little worried.

Here’s to a good day; the sky is cloud free with a light wind. I love mornings like this. Time for a cup of coffee and to punch down my kuchen dough. What a great stress reliever..but that’s another story.