The Cost Of Owning A Home

No, I’m not talking about the actual cost of the home; I’m speaking of the things which pop up you didn’t expect-stocking the pantry, insurance, and water damage.

We live on a concrete slab which should mean we don’t have to worry about water damage in our non-existent basement, right? Wrong. My husband was going to start night shift and went into the spare bedroom adjacent to ours to take a nap since it’s a darker room. Instead he found standing water and black mold. The pipe leading to the outside spigot is behind the closet and had a small pinpoint hole. Every time we turned the water on to water the garden (a lot I may add) and water the chickens twice a day, it sprayed. A year or so ago we had cut away the sheet-rock because we had noticed some wetness but once we cut away, it ceased..or so we thought. We had boxes stored in there and where they were sitting the carpet was covered with black mold. There was mold up the walls and then we decided to look in our room and discovered mold on our wall, too. This explains why I hadn’t been sleeping for a week and was stuffed up. We got a hold of our insurance agent, called Service Master of Jamestown, and the wheels started turning. They ripped out the carpeting (we had just installed it in 2006) and Service Master will install new sheet-rock and  paint/texture the walls before the carpeting is installed as well as stain the new baseboards/trim. This means I have no bedroom nor bathroom until this is done and school begins in a week. Sigh.  The saddest thing for me is my oak armoir; the bottom left leg had mold on it, but SM assured me they would spray it and it should be ok,  Kudos to Service Master; they came out immediately and the two guys who did the job were quick, polite, and helpful. This is why one gets insurance; yes, it may cut into your fun money, but when something big like this happens, the deductible is small compared to the overall cost.

Well, despite all THAT fun, we are still canning like crazy. Beans and jams were the order of the week; I made about forty jars of rhubarb-raspberry, cherry, and strawberry and they are so tasty! We also made juneberry kuchen and it’s heavenly.  We went to Bowdon’s farmers’ market on Wednesday and next week I’m planning on going to both Fessenden’s and Bowdon’s, depending on the carpet situation. We froze the corn both on cobs and as creamed corn and it turned out well. We were lucky Saturday was a cooler day since blanching always heats up the house. Thanks goes out to my sister-in-law for helping me husk the corn-never a fun job!

Here’s two pics of our damage: if you look at the bottom left of the armoir, you will see the black mold.