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No I’m not talking about a social life. I wouldn’t know what that looks like if it showed up at my front door with a bottle of wine and balloons. A friend gave me three chili pepper plants this year and I have been harvesting them along with the first of the jalapenos. I decided to make a hot pepper jam and wore the standard pair of plastic gloves to clean them. I think somewhere in the cleaning a hole developed on the thumb; when I washed my hands thoroughly, the burning began. My thumb was ON FIRE!!! I went online to find relief and tried a plethora of things in this order: washed a dozen times in dish soap, soaked my thumb in lemon juice first, then rubbing alcohol, followed by vinegar, and finally soaked it in ice water for two hours. Technically, I had just pickled my thumb when I think about it.  I cannot imagine how people feel who have burns on their body; mine is a thumb, but theirs is a body. So lesson learned: when I work with chili peppers, WEAR MORE THAN ONE PAIR OF GLOVES! I did, however, enjoy reading all the ‘remedies’ for getting rid of the burn; some suggested soaking in alcohol and some suggested DRINKING the alcohol. While that sounded tempting, I couldn’t imagine wasting perfectly good alcohol on my thumb.

Work is progressing on the black mold or BM as I like to call it…use your imagination at this point. Both are the same result; a lot of hard work flushed down the toilet. Service Master hooked me up with a local person to sheet-rock the walls and today he is finishing the mudding/sanding. Someone will be painting by Friday and hopefully I will have carpet by the weekend!  This is why I love small towns; the carpet guy is the same one who installed all the carpet here in ’06 and said he would fit me in to do these two rooms despite his busy schedule. What a great guy. Same goes for this one here today; he was originally only going to sheet-rock, but when he saw how small the project was, agreed to do the rest. I rewarded him with a strawberry-rhubarb kuchen on the house. : ) Who can turn that down?! I would love to be in that bedroom when school begins next Wednesday which is a week from today. Aaack! I’m not ready!

Yesterday I made two batches of Juneberry kuchen to sell locally and at the Bowdon farmers’ market tonight. It’s the vendors turn to provide the meal, so my contribution is three of our grass-fed chickens. They are the same size as a small turkey (7 lbs) and I will roast them in one of my jams, then slice them off the bone and serve it in a roaster. I can’t afford to feed 70 people a big hunk of chicken, so this way we can limit their intake. That’s why it’s called a sample, people! One time when I was selling next to a group of girls, they kept coming over and eating all my chips and salsa. I told them, “Girls, it’s a sample, not supper!” They are lucky they are my students and I love them, or I would have given them my best “Mr. Walker” scowl. People from Appleton will know exactly what scowl I am referring to here; I saw it many a time in my day. You know who you are….

I think I’m going to dig up the carrots tomorrow; they can technically wait until the frost hits, but I’m afraid they’ll be too big if I wait another month. I’m missing my partner in crime, so we’ll see how motivated I am without him. He’s enjoying his last week of freedom with a friend in Spearfish, SD. I think he deserves a week off from mom and her tyranny. : ) The tomatoes are starting to turn it on and that means marathon sessions of salsa! The weather has been surprisingly cool; last night when Dan got home at 8:30 we had to move the chickens and I shivered in my tank top. That’s a first for this summer. Their days are numbered, too. We will be butchering on September 2nd. Anyone want to come help? I pay in chicken and food plus the company is always fun. If you live in the city, it’s Labor Day weekend and would be a trip of a lifetime. Free room and board! Just sayin’…

Here are some pictures to entertain you: one if of my Nanking syrup, zucchini relish and hot pepper jam, and the other is the Juneberry kuchen.




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