Westward Ho!

Yes, our family is now a North Dakota statistic: my husband is working in the oil fields and I will be a widow during his four days on shift (this week five for training).  He accepted a job in the western part of the state, and since we live by Carrington, a mere four hours away, he used his ‘free’ week last week to purchase a used camper and  get it running in  tip-top shape.   Today we hauled it to Stanley where his brother lives and the two of them got it hooked up to water and power.  It’s a little exciting and a lotta nerve-wracking.  We hope necessary items were remembered; on the way home tonight we realized he had no towels, and since he doesn’t care for wiping his body with dirty underwear (I am certain there are men out there who do this), I grabbed some as soon as we got home. When I say ‘necessary items’ I am thinking dish soap. can opener, etc, but he’s thinking coasters and his humidor. Does he have a bar of soap? I don’t know, but I DO know he packed several cans of oysters and sardines. ..of which I’m thankful are out of the house. This will indeed be an adventure and a challenge for us; it may not seem like it now during the fall, but we all know what is around the corner. He never taught me how to use the tractor/ snow blower because he was always around. Our driveway is almost a mile long and it’s not going to blow itself out. He has from now until then to teach me the intricacies of that machine. I do, however, have our nearest neighbor, who lives four miles away, on speed dial and will not hesitate to call him. Bribery with cookies and kuchen will be utilized.

Junkfest in Carrington was a success! Over 80 vendors were there, and the deals were flying! If you can imagine it, it was probably being sold that day. We had vendors and buyers from across the state there; the weather behaved and all in all, it was a gorgeous day. The ladies in charge did a bang-up job this year as well; check out their blog in area voices, too.  We use that money to pay for our winter trip; last year it paid completely for the NDSU Bison football championship trip to Frisco, Texas, and we are hoping it will do the same this year. GO BISON! Sorry, had to get that in there.My biggest sellers were my jalapeno jams and my amazing, top secret recipe pickles. My zucchini relish made a splash, too!

My garden is still relentless in its quest to overpower me. It hasn’t been harvested since last Thursday and I gave up after an hour and a half yesterday of just picking tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and cantaloupe. When I got in the house, I quickly cut up two cantaloupe before leaving for Stanley; now at least we have some fresh fruit to eat. Looking forward to trading apples for my veggies from someone. I need to squeeze several hours of canning/freezing our veggies every night and somehow, get my son to and from football practice. Games start this week, too, and that means extra long running on Tuesday and Thursday. I need a portable canner….

Here are pics of the camper and one of Junkfest-my sample table and some of my jams.

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  1. Laurie dietz

    Ihadn’t heard hubby got a job out west. Glad junk fest was great! Take care.

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