Lucky Duck..or Not.

Living in the north, it is imperative to be a good driver and avoid deer; I pride myself on having not hit a one for over twenty years. We all know where pride gets you, don’t we?  Things changed on Friday; on the way to an appointment, I heard (not saw) a loud thud and there on my hood was a DUCK! What the heck was it doing flying that low???!! It’s bill got stuck in my grill (no pun intended) and it was flapping around on my hood until I stopped. Screaming was not an option, it was expected, and I did it loudly and proudly! I pulled over, grabbed my camera ( hey, not just for the blog-insurance may need proof!)  and a napkin, then headed out to get the DUCK (I still can’t believe it) off my grill. It wasn’t until I stopped for gas a few hours later I noticed my Toyota emblem had been ripped off, too. I am a little sad about that. So yes, there IS a picture at the bottom of my blog of the duck-if you don’t want to see it, don’t look! I feel for the duck, but hey, up north it’s kill or be killed-deer, ducks, etc cost people a lot of money when they run across the highway and try to tango with our vehicles.

Such a busy week! I am still making salsa but should really start thinking about making some spaghetti sauce.  We had a freeze on Friday night thus bringing an end to the cucumbers and green beans. We covered the tomatoes, zucchini and peppers and am glad we did. I have to say, covering the garden is my least favorite job; normally there are gale force winds and it’s dark out, but at least this year it was calm outside AND we did it in the light. Made things so much easier… Tonight we covered my son’s large pumpkin patch to give his big boys a chance to turn orange.  We were out there for two hours picking veggies as well as harvesting all the butternut squash and the last of the cantaloupe.  I love that stuff! When we came in we made a large fruit salad for the week using cantaloupe, grapes, pineapple, pears, and raspberries. The fall raspberries are coming slowly and usually pick a plastic one pound clam every other night.

Saturday I hung out with some classmates at our second annual “Mystery Girls’ Tour” and it didn’t disappoint. All women should go on this with sisters, friends, etc. We had seven mini-excursions on a charter bus with 50 other women including belly dancing, shopping, a cruise down the Mississippi, and eating in the St. Paul area. There’s a picture of that, too. No, not of the belly dancing. Please. That was like two walruses duking it out-not pretty-but a lot of fun with all those women laughing hard.  Look in to it! It was a beautiful day full of laughter and bonding. The hostess made some bars that were out of this world. Nope, not sharing the recipe. They were THAT good. At least it isn’t a recipe for duck soup…