Monday Already?!

Here’s hoping everyone had a relaxing Father’s Day and enjoyed time spent with dads of all shapes and sizes. My husband did a little bit of everything; weed whacked the trees and mowed between them for the first time since they had been planted, helped set up my drip irrigation in the garden, and worked on his motorcycle for a bit before heading back to the oil fields. The wind has returned with a vengeance and is drying out the garden; ah, I miss those still days of last week. The strawberries are setting and need water, not wind!

We grilled yesterday (who didn’t?!) and enjoyed grilled corn on the cob. If you freeze it correctly, corn on the cob in June tastes just as good as the newly harvested corn the previous August. The kernels were plump, the flavor was sweet, and the core firm, not mushy. It’s essential to use a Food Saver or similar product to freeze it; Ziploc will not do. When we freeze this fall, I will do a video blog on this process. It’s not difficult and the results stay with you for a long time.

I’m tired. Why does it feel like a Mack truck hit me, and why do we use that phrase ‘Mack truck’? What is so special about the truck? Am I even spelling it correctly? Who exactly IS Mack?

Today we are baking for the fair, but I’m not thrilled with the moisture content in the air. Usually, I like it sunny and dry, but today it’s cloudy and feels like rain. Things don’t do well in the oven for some reason..some scientific reason I am certainly not going to entertain today-or ever. Science and I are ‘cool acquaintances’ at best, and the Hatfields-n-McCoys on any other given day. Anyways, today we are making cookies and the rule is they all have to be new recipes-no tried and true favorites, but something I have cut out of a magazine, newspaper, pintrest (the devil) or facebook. If we don’t like it, it goes. I’m weary of cutting out recipes and never trying them. Why do we do that?! Yes, you are guilty, too. We think we’re going to make it and there it sits, waiting patiently for us to do something about it. I also write on my recipes once I have made them, such as suggestions, how it turned out, what time it really took in the oven, etc. It helps for the next time-if there IS one.

So off to the kitchen I go! I was going to do this an hour earlier, but as I was typing my blog, the electricity went out; the power company was here fixing something but neglected to tell me the power would be cut. Whoops. Oh well-thankfully this program saves drafts or you would not be reading this today. I give up easily in that regard. You can only think of clever sayings once…

Have a day! Notice I didn’t say a good one, because after all, it IS Monday…