Monday Madness!

After a busy weekend, today is the day before entry day of the Foster County Fair and that means a baking marathon! Not as busy as the day before the North Dakota State Fair, but busy nonetheless as my son and I get his 4-H and our open class baking things made. He finished all his 4-H projects last week; I remember growing up and waiting until the last minute to d0 things so we avoid that as much as possible.

We went to a 100th birthday party in Minot on Saturday and had a wonderful time; when one thinks about 100 years of living, it boggles the mind.  The family did a knock-out job of the program, setting, and food. If there is one thing the Kjellberg/Gorseth/Olson family does well, it’s food. Swedish meatballs, finger sandwiches, cake-it was all really good. After much visiting, we spent the night in my husband’s home away from home-the camper. It was our first time visiting him there, and I will say it wasn’t bad. I am not the roughing it type of girl-I will camp only if there is a camper involved; tents are not my friend, nor is a hard ground. A camper IS my idea of roughing it-a hotel will win my vote the majority of the time; I prefer using a bathroom with running, hot water and someone else making the bed for me. I have to do all that at home, so if I’m on vacation, why would I want to do that myself? A valid question, my friends! (all two of you) On Sunday, we had ANOTHER family get together just seven miles from where we were staying and the Kjellbergs outdid themselves again. Good gravy, these people know how to put on a spread!  We had to leave early since it’s a three hour drive home and the cows were coming today. Dan was busy with that while my son and I got out all the recipes to be made today, assembled stations and ingredients, and made sure we were ready to rock today. The secret to making many things at once is to be organized…and a bit crazy. We got crazy down pat.

The cows arrived this morning around 8…and of course my husband had just left home for a ‘quick trip to Carrington’. You all know what that means. Luckily, Bob (whose cows we are caring for) knew where to put them so all was good. My son went out and checked all the gates and made sure the water was running before coming back in to whip up some bread. He is a jack of all trades and will make a good husband someday. Not anytime soon, but someday. Today we are making all the yeast breads (rolls, bread and fancy rolls) as well as the banana bread for Thursday’s bake-off. I love those competitions! I use my two favorite recipes, my son uses his two, and we try to beat the best-and there are some good bakers in our county. Wish us luck! The banana bread will go into the freezer for two days before coming out late Wednesday night; that should give it time to mingle all the flavors together. I bought some lovely brown bananas yesterday in Minot and got a great deal on them-remember, the browner, spottier, and softer your bananas, the better the bread/muffin will be. I measured out six cups and froze the rest in two cup increments.

The buzzer went off, so it’s off to the races for us. We mixed up the bread around seven and it’s time to punch it and show it who’s the boss…depending on the weather, it’s usually us. Have a great day; may your yeast be fresh and your ideas fresher. If something gets you down, bounce up-just like dough. A metaphor using bread-life is good.