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I have been blogging now for over a year and have a problem; there is more spam comments than actual people comments. I know people are reading the blog because I can see the daily numbers, and while that’s a good thing, I don’t like seeing spam overtaking people. Now SPAM from Austin, MN, is a different creature altogether, but I digress. So it’s time for a questionnaire with a bonus; whomever wins will have a jar of my carrot cake jam mailed to them! Here’s the rules-and trust me, they are easy. Read the blog and answer the question-that puts your name in the ‘hat’ for one vote. Share my page on Facebook and that gets you another vote! That’s it! We will draw a name on Friday and I’ll announce it on my blog that day. You win, I win, and spam loses! I love reading their very poorly written comments which wave the red flag of, “I am not from here, but am pretending I am, so take me seriously.”

As I was picking raspberries yesterday, two thoughts came to mind; ok, there were more than that, but two BIG ones came to mind. One, that the president should be required to have a raspberry patch for several reasons: a) it takes awhile to pick and gives you quiet time to really ponder life b) just when you get comfortable picking, a thistle or rogue raspberry cane will remind you who is really the boss and c) it lets you realize a problem (such as picking all the raspberries by yourself-no secret service dudes can pick for you) may seem big when you first start out, but by the end you feel really satisfied knowing you conquered it one row at a time. The second thing I was chewing the cud about was which three things in my kitchen are indispensable; what three things can I not do without? The first is my Cuisinart food processor; I use it daily and in less than a month, will be using both the 7 and 12 cup versions for the zucchini and carrot relishes as well as the peppers, tomatoes…the list goes on. The second item is the Food Saver; I freeze everything in those bags to keep them fresh as the day I picked them so I can make jam in the dead of winter instead of killing myself now. The third was a toughie; my spoon, Big Bertha, is my go to spoon for making bread, but I also love the bread machine for mixing the dough when I’m in a hurry or am making multiple types of bread. I will go with the bread machine; it makes killer rolls, dinner rolls, breads, etc. with little effort on my part.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do-tell me which three things are a must have in your kitchen and why or if you’re NOT a kitchen krazy person which three items give you the biggest fits. I’m not a kitchen snob; not everybody likes to cook but all love to eat. The English teacher in me would love to have you write a five paragraph essay but who has time to read those?! You have until midnight on Thursday to enter and I will let everyone know who won on Friday’s blog. Good luck~ I’m looking forward to seeing what your kitchen ‘looks’ like!


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  1. I really prefer “cooking” to “baking”, if that makes sense. I love to chop and saute. So my first indispensable item (and I often use it several times a day) is a good, sharp, Wusthof Santoku knife. I am not a kitchen-brand snob, but I think good knives (that you keep sharp) are absolutely necessary for enjoyable cooking. And, along with that, my big, rubber-on-the-sides cutting board, which doesn’t slip and slide around on the counter when I’m using it. Add my big, non-stick frying pan, and I’m pretty much set! 🙂

    1. Glad you recommended a knife; I have a million dull blades and need a good, sharp knife that can handle all the kitchen throws at you. I enjoy cooking, but I love baking. However, chopping and sautéing are right up there with fun things to do-especially because they use fresh veggies. Thanks for sharing your big three!

    1. Sandy, you list these three intriguing items without a story-especially the corkscrew. Are you a wine fanatic? We try to drink North Dakota based wines and our favorite is an aronia made by Opie near Fessenden. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Larry Mahoney

    Kitchen Aid Mixer -because we are weaklings to stir dough by hand

    narrow rubber spatula-I am always cleaning out soup cans.

    bamboo pampered chef spoons because I can use them in the tephlon frying pan and regular pan. They are so easy to clean and do not stain.

    1. Three very good choices! I, too, love my Kitchen Aid mixer, spatula, and those bamboo spoons. Those would be in my ‘backup’ group. I disagree with the weaklings comment, though…to live on a farm you have to be tough!

    1. Yes, I will concur with the microwave; I don’t know how one cooked without it. You have chosen two things I would consider essential! I don’t have an egg only pan but I know you eat eggs daily, so that would be a logical choice for you. Nicely done, sister, nicely done…

  3. Erin

    First of all, thank you for not insisting on the 5 paragraph essay!
    A few of my favorites: my Keurig coffee maker. I’m the only one in my house who drinks coffee, so it’s nice to be able to just make one cup at a time.
    Garlic press. Love that I don’t have to peel the garlic or anything.
    Pampered Chef Measure-All cup. I use that thing all the time. So perfect for measuring out ketchup, peanut butter, shortening, and other thick stuff. Then can push it right out with none wasted.

    1. I think I will have a Keurig in my commercial kitchen; it just sounds so handy instead of making a whole pot of coffee and drinking half. I love the garlic press too! Ok, I have to agree with the Measure-all cup. I have three of them plus the one cup version and love them all. I love not scraping out peanut butter or molasses for cookies. Good choices!

  4. Theresa Bachmeier

    In honor of our Grandma Elma Behrens’ birthday (August 1 or 2) and the person that taught us the most about baking and canning during our summers, here’s my essay.

    My first favorite item is my two Pampered Chef food choppers. I use one for nuts and one for fruits/vegetables. Then the number two spot goes to my three large 8 quart and larger pots for making jams and soups (though not together). Last since I’m a baker I could not live without my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. It’s best feature is creaming ingredients such as butter and sugar for cakes and cookies.

    There is one device that gives me fits and that is my year-old 7-cup Cuisinart food processor. I’m always calling Brenda on how to use it for certain tasks. I’ve had it for a year and can count the number of times on my right hand when I’ve used it. Additionally, I’m scared to loose a finger with some of those blades!

    In conclusion, it was difficult to chose three items. This essay made me think about all my drawers and cabinets that are full of appliances and devices to inspire me to cook and bake in our twentyfirst century. What do you think Grandma would have chosen for her list?

    1. Love that you remembered Grandma’s birthday. Yes, love those choppers and I have two as well. Actually, now I have three since I bought one at Goodwill for 49 cents. Best deal of the year. Large pots are indispensable but hey, why not make a soup jam or jammy soup? When I come to visit we are going to have a lesson with your Cuisinart. I love mine, but you and blades should avoid each other. I wonder what Grandma would have chosen; I think her pretty green or rose colored bowl-she mixed everything in those. A two quart empty milk carton since she brought that out every day full of leftovers for Dusty, our family dog. Hmmm, what would be her third?

      1. Roseanne Mahoney

        Her goldenrod Hamilton Beach mixer to whip up whipped cream, coleslaw dressing, 7 minute frosting, cakes, cookies, meranges and other goodies to spoil us. Laura has inherited it.

        1. Bam! That’s it! I loved her seven minute frosting with sprinkles on top. Our niece better be treating that like gold. I think she is the reason we girls all love to bake; walking into her kitchen was like walking into heaven. It always smelled so good and evokes great memories. Sigh…

  5. Lisa Koosman

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Ninja…I use it almost daily…smoothies, canning soup, chopping onions and so on….Also, would not do without my Kitchenaid mixer. Need I say more about this amazing item? Lastly, hmmmmmm, I would have to definitely say my Keurig coffee maker. It saves me in a pinch. I don’t drink coffee, hence, can’t make it either! My Keurig at least lets me look like I can make a mean cup o’ Joe!!! p.s. I really want to try that jam of yours!!!!! 🙂

    1. I have always wanted to buy a Ninja! So good to know someone uses it. Ok, I think the overwhelming winner is the Kitchenaid Mixer. More than two people (and I would argue it as my fourth choice) said it makes life easier, so it is obviously a winner in the kitchen. Ok, I think it’s funny you don’t drink coffee, but you have a Keurig. However, when someone drops by who drinks coffee shows up, you can whip up a cup without dragging out the coffee maker, liner, grounds, etc. Good thinking! And good luck to you~someone will win tonight!

  6. Jackie Sanofsky

    love your blog, I have a iron skillet that is the best for cooking anything, would be lost with out it.

    1. I love your iron skillet! I love how you keep your pans immaculate-they look like the day you bought them. Makes me a tad jealous, Jackie…but it’s a good jealous. Not stab you in the eye kind. : ) Admirable is the word I’m looking for I guess!

  7. Joyce

    Salad Shooter – it needs to be replaced and I can’t find one.
    Big nonstick skillet

    1. You need to go to the thrift store; I saw one in Carrington not too long ago. Heck, I’ll see if my mom has one; she has everything. It’s tough when you find something you love for your kitchen and then it breaks. Suddenly it becomes a Greek tragedy and you wonder how you will go on. Microwave has gotten a few votes and I would agree with that; I can’t think of how many times a day I turn that thing on to quick heat something up or in the case of my seventh grader, make macaroni and cheese in it. And yes, a good, quality skillet is the cornerstone to a functional kitchen. There is so much you can do in it, from making kuchen rue to a good ol’ stir fry chock full of fresh veggies. Nicely done, Joyce!

  8. Missy Hafner

    You rite good words and of much interest to sock hangers real business opportunaty. (THAT was SPAM humor!!! baahaahaa)

    Seven minutes to midnight so I must think fast. I find it difficult to list 3 kitchen gadgets because I’m not much of a baker or cook…unfortunately. So here goes.

    1. Oven. Because sometimes we just have to settle for frozen pizza.
    2. Sink. Because I need a place to set my dirty dishes.
    3. Memories. Because when I look around my kitchen I see my Grandfather’s handiwork, including home-made shelving for the cupboards. I see the outdated coral color every time I open a cupboard door and it warms my heart because my Grandmother picked the color. And the pantry door makes me think of my Mom, because the old screen door came from the chicken farm she worked at when I was very young.

    The end.

    1. You are so funny! That is EXACTLY how they write! They love how I laid out the blog, yet it’s from Word Press, so hello, it’s not me. I love your three items; they are so practical and yet are what make a kitchen a kitchen. I would be nothing without my ovens and yes, even we eat frozen pizza when I’ve been working too hard-just like someone I know named Missy…I think my favorite is the memories; you get the award for the most unusual and special item. That’s why you’re so good at what you do; I am practical and you are whimsical. I love that about you! Good job on getting in before the deadline-I knew you could do it!

  9. Laurel Wentz

    My 3 favorite….My big WearEver handled skillet because I use it to make stir fries, veggies, rice, scrambled eggs, everything…nothing ever sticks, and cleanup is easy. I have to include my Smoothie Pro, because I have so many favorite smoothie recipes….Avocado Margaritas, Strawberry, Peach, etc…even tho it sometimes “unscrews” itself during the blending time….making a mess…I guess the mess is worth the deliciousness! And last but not least, my ice cream makers….most of them are made by RCW (Richmond Cedar Works) or Rival. I like to use my Old Fashioned hand cranked styles if I am teaching others how to make Ice Cream and if I have many hands to do the job, but when I am making multiple batches and flavors of ice cream, I prefer to use the electric motors so that I can be cranking one flavor and mixing up the batter for the next flavor. Since I have gotten a reputation for making pretty good ice creams, guess that has to be my favorite piece of equipment…

    1. I will agree with all three of these! Especially the fact that you are KNOWN for your smoothies and ice cream. I love your avocado margaritas! Now I am craving one. Thanks…I like the electric motor ones as well; it doesn’t seem as authentic but hey, we have electricity, why not use it?! Thanks for replying! Good luck!

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