Bob, We Have A Winner!

I don’t know who Bob is, but he’s a popular guy and the name is short. It reminds me of the 80s and Saturday Night Live when the announcer would say, “I know it, you know it, and Bob Dole knows it.” I still say that to my kids and students; they look at me like I’m nuts…which I am!
Went to Fessenden last night and enjoyed the Grace Notes, visited with many nice people and sold some kuchen. Life is good. Tonight is the Rib Fest in Carrington, so get out there, enjoy some ribs, see the Batmobile, and listen to live music. I was going to sell there, but I need a break. I would like to go to an event and relax instead of setting up and selling. Next week is Farmers’ Market Day at the Capitol, so I will sell there and make up for tonight.
Nothing funny is happening in my world right now! My animals are behaving (although the momma cat is ready to explode with kittens), the garden is doing its thing, and my child has been normal. I’m not going to say my husband is normal because he married me and that in itself means he’s missing a few bolts. I am making a new recipe today-rhubarb salsa. I’ll tell you how it went in my next blog. It looks interesting and I have all the ingredients, so I’ll whip it up after I go out and (sigh) pick the raspberries for another four hours. It’s hard to complain when I get almost twelve pounds per day; to put that in perspective, a six ounce container goes for $3-5; I’ll use $4 to keep it simple since I’m an English person, NOT a math wiz. Ask anyone around me…except my husband. He’ll roll his eyes-he’s the CFO of our company for a reason. Anyways (how do I get myself off track so easily?) it’s about $11/ lb, =$132 in raspberries yesterday. So yes, I will go out there and pick whether I like it or not…and I do like it, but by the third hour you are feeling a little overwhelmed when you think about the fifty other things you want to get done. That’s when I take a deep breath and realize I will get done what I get done.
Hey, we had a winner! Ok, since I invented the contest, I actually have THREE winners; if you didn’t read the fine print, too bad. I drew Erin’s name, so she wins the jam. She blogged and shared the page-thanks, Erin! The second winner is Missy; I thought her choices were the most unusual because they were things we take for granted-especially the memories. The final winner is Theresa because she is the only one who actually WROTE the essay-and wrote it well! That is my overachieving oldest sister for you. We are all constantly trying to fill her big shoes-wait, we wear the same size. Congratulations, all of you; a jar of jam will be coming your way! For the rest of you, read the blog entries-I loved each and every one of the ‘must haves’ for the kitchen and think you all did a smashing job.
Here’s today’s bonus picture; I know how much you all enjoy pictures NOT of my cats or dog. This is the pumpkin patch in front of our house; last year is was a mess of grass (it’s on last year’s July blog, I believe) and this year I covered it in black plastic and planted vines. In the back is the cucumbers which are trellised, to the left is a planter of honeydew melon, and on the far left is zucchini. Best idea ever. Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. Theresa Bachmeier

    Wow my five years of continual writing in grad school paid off! Thank you for the hosting the reflection essay. It was interesting to see others thoughts.

    1. I may have to include more essay contests in the future and get my students to submit. Then I can pick them apart! I liked our Grandma memories. Good thoughts and yes, I enjoyed reading what others considered important to their kitchen.

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