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I’m getting the hang of being at home all day and loving it. In the past I was home all summer (by all summer I mean June, July and a bit of August) but realized school/job was looming in the horizon. Now I can breathe and get things done without that mental deadline in my mind. On a side note, I really hope there are enough signatures to change the law so school starts after Labor Day here in ND; I would love to sign the petition! I grew up in Minnesota where we always began the Tuesday after Labor Day and it was good; the State Fair was over, the August heat was behind us, and we all felt mentally ready to begin the year. We also, by the way, finished the week of Memorial Day and it didn’t kill us. Graduation was Sunday, Memorial Day Monday, and we went to school Tuesday-Friday to finish off the year. Let’s face it, it’s a lot cooler in May/June than August; last year we had snow the first weekend in May and it didn’t melt until the third week. Ok, off that topic for now.
My sister is a health inspector in Minnesota and there is a big story out of Hennepin county where 81 people were sickened by a vendor who sold guinea pig at a fair. I’m just not sure how to comment on this article except it’s something I wouldn’t eat but I’m sure they think some of the things we eat (hotdogs come to mind) are not for their taste buds. I don’t think guinea pig on a stick will be offered at the State Fair-the fair where anything on a stick is fair game…no pun intended!
I’m getting a tad bit excited for Bison football and am trying to hurry up and┬áprocess as much as I can before that craziness starts. I love tailgating, the game atmosphere, and the Dome. I had to make a choice between being a vendor at Junkfest in Carrington and the Bison opener at the Dome on September 7th; Junkfest won because I love the feeling of that day, too-so many vendors with a variety of products and so much to see. I’m sure someone will buy our season tickets for that day…
Today is my 99th blog entry, so on Sunday, when I do the 100th, I need to do something special; not sure what yet, but it will come to me as I’m picking tomatoes or beans or my nose. Just kidding. Enjoy your last work day of the week!

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