100th Post!

This is how I feel about my 100th blog! We made tuna cheesies this weekend-a staple I grew up with in Minnesota. It’s simply oven toasted bread, tuna, miracle whip, seasonings, sliced tomatoes and cheese. The cheese and tomato decided to make a face on one of the slices and we thought it was pretty comical. Not quite the Shroud of Jesus or  Mary’s image on a grilled cheese, but for us, it was definitely a surprised face.
I went back through all the blogs to find my favorite one and it was this one: http://gardeninguru.areavoices.com/2011/07/30/730-marriage-w…-the-slow-lane/

If this doesn’t work, it’s under July 11th called “Marriage with someone who lives in the slow lane” on page five…
It makes me laugh every time I read it and have to acknowledge that I do the same thing to my husband when it comes to the garden. Last night he helped us pick beans, tomatoes and corn in the stifling heat and mosquitoes. For a change, it was not my favorite time to be in the garden. We watered afterwards since it hasn’t rained for almost three weeks; we have only had four days of rain this whole summer and it has amounted to less than two inches. Our lawn is dead except for the weeds which have flourished in this drought-they are lusty, green, and taking over the entire lawn. Nice. The cost of watering my garden came yesterday in the form of a bill from the water department which would make a congressman blush; I’m fairly certain it’s equivalent to the GNP of several small countries. I only know that term from high school social studies. I swear I’ve never heard it used in my adult life ever, but I sure do like throwing it out there every decade or so to prove I learned something from good ol’ Appleton High.
Today we are going to make corn salsa for the first time and I’m excited about it. I love eating the stuff from the store and found a recipe I can tweak to fit the bill. I don’t want to make corn relish; there’s a difference. I want tomatoes and corn-they are a great marriage. I’ll post tomorrow as to the results..but not the recipe. I need to stop sharing those trade secrets!
The picture I’m leaving you with is our two cats-the male on the right showed up again since I’m sure he was hungry and too lazy to kill a mouse on his own. I love these two cats, but their relationship troubles me; LaBamba is the mother and his sweetie, and he’s the son/father of her kittens. Yuck. Stay cool today and do 100 of something today; smiles, laughs, sit-ups (yeah, right), prayers, etc. Be creative and celebrate with me; I’ll probably end up making 100 jars of salsas, relish, beans, and corn;wonder if my sweetie will help me…Leave a comment; I’d love to see 100 of those-I’ll draw from the names and send out a jar of my product.


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  1. Denise

    Andrew blew his nose 100 times yesterday (sorry not today, trying a new allergy medicine today) as his allergies are really acting up. This humidity, hot wind and no rain does not make for a good combination.

    PS. Maybe I can count the 100 times I told the kids to get their junk picked up off the counter today.

    1. not as many times as I told little man to get the beans tipped and cut. He watched three movies in the time it took him to do a paper bag full. He’s lucky it was Sunday….
      Sorry to hear about Andrew’s nose; hope there aren’t 100 Kleenexes lying about…this humidity is for the birds!

  2. Scott

    I made 120 bales of hay today. We moved Shauna into her dorm today and I wished I was her 100 times, just starting life.

  3. Theresa Bachmeier

    Such pressure to think about the number 100. So here’s my Sunday accomplishment; I sang over 100 notes as an alto in our 10 am church choir. Our priest, Fr. Charlie, recognized us from the altar for our harmonious accomplishments. =)

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