I Know I’ve Arrived…

I have a business email account and thought it was pretty secure since it uses letters and numbers but somehow a special person got in it and left me a heartfelt, grammatically challenged email asking me to be an idiot. Here is my favorite part of the email:

please hasten up and finish up with the bank so that you can come and visit me so that we pray together as one united family.i will always be happy if you can finish up very fast and i will like you to thank the Doctor for me if you come to London because he has been so Good to me here.He pets me like a baby.please contact the bank manager with his email address stated bellow:

Not sure what kind of doctor pets you like a baby, but it can’t be good. Needless to say, this was deleted. How much was he leaving me in his will? $800,000 of which I’m certain I’ll see every penny-right after I go visit him in London. Do they really think anyone is going to fall for these?
Had a great day yesterday in Bismarck at the Pride of Dakota Day at the state capitol selling jams, relish and salsas. It was by far the best venue I have been in-air conditioned, great lighting, good crowds, and table/chairs/skirting provided. People don’t realize how much space/time those last items take up in the car. Space which could be used to buy supplies in the big city, for instance. My poor husband had to go with me and let me just say he is a trooper and secretly, he didn’t mind the day. He got to look around, buy some delicious North Dakota based food, and spend time with me. I’m sure the last one wasn’t a selling point. So just a few shout outs-we didn’t get to try a lot of foods since we were pretty busy all day, but he did sniff out two tasty ones on our side of the capitol: Uncle Larry’s beef shtix (love that pun) and Jen’s Breads. The latter made a large cherry cheesecake cookie which was really good as well as a Girl Scout-type Samoa cookie. I’m a tough critic because I naturally think mine are the best, but she made two really good cookies there. Hats off to all the vendors; there was a wide variety and it’s neat to see fellow North Dakotans create unique products. Did we take a picture? No, that would be too easy…
Today is Operation Get The House Back In Order. I had two big vendor shows in less than a week, so my house has suffered. Reason #267 why I need a commercial kitchen here! I’m inventorying all the jars and putting them where they belong-which is NOT the dining room table-and going through each room, picking up, vacuuming, dusting, napping, scrubbing, etc…I am not allowed to can anything today until that happens…although I do have 24 lbs. of pureed tomatoes in the fridge waiting to be made into pizza sauce. How loudly will it call my name?
It’s Friday! Enjoy some high school football, the weather, and each other’s company. It’s a good day to be in the Midwest. I am leaving you with a picture of the tomatoes which are taking over my life. The average size is a softball and there are seven flats full of them waiting to be processed…after the house is cleaned. I mean it!