A sticky situation


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I learned quickly after my retirement the need to have a routine-otherwise, I’d be running around getting a lot of nothing accomplished. Clean the fridge? Sure. Organize the bread machines (7) and watch an episode of “American Ninja Warrior”? No problem. Nothing made sense the first few days. Now I work on the computer until 8 a.m. and then make THE LIST; my son and husband cringe when they see it, but for me, it keeps the focus throughout the day. This morning I was reading the news of the day-not on E news, but the Drudge Report and Fargo Forum. Hello, we need some real news, people! I was enjoying a full cup of coffee when I made the mistake of reaching for it while reading the screen; yep, I tipped the cup and it spilled everywhere: my calendar/life, mouse, mousepad, grant applications, and keyboard. Panic! I ran to get two things: the Norwex cloth and a ShamWow. Yes, I own one and it comes in handy for these situations. It mopped up the mess and dried out the calendar which contains my past, present, and future engagements, and took the coffee out of the carpet when I threw everything on it upside down.  Now my calendar and mouse are hanging upside down on the clothesline and I think the keyboard is clean. We’ll see what’s sticky in an hour or so; I use creamer with sugar so who knows what’s going to happen. Not going to let this ruin my day…
Did I mention I have a clothesline in my house? I love it! My husband installed it a few years ago in the laundry room and it’s used all year long. I hate using the dryer and only use it when absolutely necessary…which is rare. In the winter, we hang out clothes to add humidity to the air; as we all know,  humidity is at a premium in the winter around here. I use the line outside from May to October or until the clothes freeze. Am I cheap? Yep. Do the clothes smell natural? Absolutely.
It’s time to get busy and make the list. What’s on your list today? Be sure to take a few minutes for yourself. I take a break every day from 1-2 pm to eat lunch and relax-no computer, no dishes, just relax, take a small nap (John Tesh says it’s beneficial so it must be) and recharge for the rest of the day. I am a firm believer in naps now and think everyone should have one. Those kindergarten teachers knew what they were doing when we had nap time…
Here’s a picture of the clothesline-it’s one of my favorite things in the house!

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