Reunited And It Feels So Good…

My husband and I had a long discussion for weeks on end, and after much debate, made a difficult decision. For my part, I had all but given up on salvaging what was left.  So much effort has been put into this relationship, yet it was causing more problems than solutions. Even our son agreed it was time to end. It had a good run but was not producing the results we needed and so with a heavy heart we had decided to till under the fall raspberries. Wait, you did know I was speaking of the raspberries, did you not? However, I went out to the garden yesterday to get some jalapeños when I spotted them waving at me in the breeze. Red, beautiful, firm raspberries begging to be picked-and so I did. I only got a pound, but the taste and texture make them seem like more. They are so much easier to pick than summer berries since no one hides and so, for now, they will not be tilled under. We did agree not to freeze any, but to eat them daily and enjoy them on cereal, in smoothies, on ice cream, etc. I look forward to going out and picking again…and again…and again…

We harvested all the grapes last night and got about ten pounds; not a lot, but it’s a start for us. I will cook them down, strain, and can the juice for now. I made two batches of hot corn salsa and processed a lot of peppers. Of course I have a cut on my finger, so every time I cut a tomato, the juice sears my skin. Last night I snuck in a batch of strawberry muffins/bread to sell on Friday in Carrington and today will sneak in a batch of Juneberry kuchen. My husband came home last night off his shift and right away had to fix the ice maker in the fridge; it stopped working right after he left…that’s always how it goes. Cows get out? Only when he’s gone. Water heater problem? Oh look, he just left! Glad he’s home…

I had to post this picture because it says a lot about…a lot. I enjoy selling at Farmers’ Markets and the one in Carrington is a hoot on Fridays; the people are fun and the products are varied. Steve Zwinger had some melons for sale and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a picture. I was voted Class Clown for a reason and this is it; the ability to laugh at life with those around you.

Seriously, it’s already Wednesday. Someone is stealing the days. Make it a great one!




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  1. Leslie Paulson hulbert

    Corn salsa is awesome!!! Just the right amount of Hot– Great Job!!

    See ya Friday

  2. Martha Glatt

    You are a dynamo girlfriend! I took the time today to check your blog out:) Gracias!

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