Admit It….

When you read my previous post, you thought it was going to be something different. That, my friends, was a good attention-getter and made you read the rest of the blog. Let’s face it; entertainment on the farm is scarce some days and I have to create my own.
Today is going to be a busy day so the blog will be short. There is a moving sale in Sykeston with a freezer calling my name-we purchased a large freezer in June, but it’s already full as are the other two, so another is needed. I think to myself we have too many, but after speaking to a man in SD who has 15 in his garage, I suddenly feel there is a lot of catching up to do.
If you are bored and need a nap or need to be entertained, Supertalk Radio 1270 is interviewing me as part of the “Pride of Dakota” series. Those in ND can listen on their radio dial or if you’re out of range, it’s on your computer at It should start around 11:10 am central time and last until noon. The interviewer called on Wednesday to chat and see if we could fill the time. After speaking with me for five minutes, he realized speaking is something I enjoy doing and filling the time shouldn’t be an issue. Ever. After the interview, I have to get ready for Carrington’s Farmers’ Market-today I’ll be selling Juneberry kuchen, strawberry bread and my favorite, savory zucchini bread as well as the corn salsa in both mild and hot. Finally, our son is playing in the band tonight at the homecoming game, so it gives us an excuse to stay in town and listen to him play in addition to watching the boys of fall play some ball.
My left leg hates me this morning; last night I turned off my phone (it’s a Samsung Galaxy Note II, meaning it’s BIG) and it fell, landing smack dab on my big toe. Oh my gosh does that hurt. Then this morning, I jumped out of bed and my knee ran into an opened drawer-the same one I put clothes into last night but was too lazy to close. Now I have a gash on my leg and a swollen big toe. Grace is my middle name. Not.
Here’s a picture of the savory zucchini bread; it’s got cheese, eggs, zucchini and spices-it would be great with a bowl of soup or toasted with butter. Stop by and get some!

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  1. Jackie Simons

    Brenda, you are a “hoot” as my mother in law would have said. That is a compliment. God bless you, which I can tell, he has already with your family and friends.

  2. At first I thought you meant the PBS series but then I realized you meant my silent partner. I did buy it and am thrilled!
    Jackie, being a hoot is a better compliment than other things I’ve been called, so thank you very much!

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