Call Me Maybe…or At Least Bubba Gump

We don’t have an apple tree, but living in the Midwest means those who do have trees will share-and share, they do. I can’t turn down free apples and now I am staring at ten flats of apples which need to be eaten, processed, baked, simmered and so forth. We are going to have apple kuchen coffee cake and apple pie this week, and we’ve already had apple cake. To add to that fun, the carrots need to be considered; soup with carrots, carrot cake, carrot cake roll, carrot cake jam, carrot/banana quick bread-and so on. I feel like Bubba in Forrest Gump when I think of all the things I’m going to make with those two products. And yes, I will can some for my younger sister at her request…
We received some sleet/snow/owie white stuff on Friday-it hurt when it hit you! We were able to cover half of the peppers and I dug out two of each to repot for the winter. The rest were lost and after this morning’s freeze, are a distant memory. I had some tomatoes I never even got to harvest-they were planted late and were just turning this week, but since I have enough, had to let them go. Nevertheless, there are plenty in the sunroom to keep me busy this week or whenever they ripen…I swear, every year it’s an issue to get the garden covered before a freeze; it’s either windy and impossible, or snowing and no fun. Why can’t it be sunny?!
Yesterday I went to Harvey to the bakery auction sale; auctions are fun when you know people at them, and two good friends were there, so we have an unwritten rule that when one is bidding the other doesn’t. It’s hard for me to bid against a buddy. Some good deals were made and some were lost-but that’s ok. I loaded up the Rav with one full load and later, we will get a trailer and get the big stuff. My two best deals were a marble slab for $25 and a large 10 foot maple table for $50-I now have the countertops needed for my commercial kitchen purchased for under $100. It’s hard to see a good business like that close its doors and I’m certain it was difficult for them to be there and see objects sold for far less than their value; I think the two owners were classy and did a great job of helping people, answering questions and not losing their composure.
The sun is shining after three days of gloom; get out there and enjoy the crisp, cool fall air!

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  1. Laurie dietz

    Excited for your progress toward your commercial kitchen! Although I must admit that I get tired out just reading about all you accomplish in your home kitchen! You go girl!

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