Happiness Can Be Found In The Strangest Places…

The past two days have been busy and productive on the farm-maybe because the doom and gloom weather of Thursday-Friday-Saturday disappeared and sunshine was abound. I should install super bright lights around the house to simulate the sun as it appears I get way more done when that orb is in the sky. When it’s cloudy, the urge to curl up on the recliner and watch Matlock is strong. a)I’m not a fan of the show but it’s easy to fall asleep during it and b)the need to hibernate takes over which means I must be part skunk or something.
I mowed the lawn for the first (and last time) since July. I’ve developed a new system while I mow; if there is a branch or stick in the way, I simply call my dog and tell her to get her stick; then I throw it once, she runs to get it, and I mow on. No more stopping the mower, bending over, risking death, etc. Good doggie! She must have a short memory because on Monday we played fetch with a lot of sticks…We cleaned off the front garden and now it looks forlorn; we are going to lose some garden space on the other front garden since that is where the new concrete is going, so I’ll move some of those plants over until next spring. We also started putting away the summer things-fertilizers, tools, pots, etc. The porch is emptying out and looking desolate, too. However, the kittens do a good job of keeping the place lively-everything is fair game to them and they are rarely still.
I had tomatoes, peppers, and onions staring at me, daring me to make them into something. I’m done making salsa for the year and only can whole tomatoes if I’m rushed for time. I spotted a jar of Harry and Dave’s onion pepper relish on the shelf and saw the ingredients-the very same ingredients I have in my sunroom! I looked in all my canning books and couldn’t find a recipe, so I went to the internet and found one. I hate it when they say, “3 onions,  peppers and 6 tomatoes” because what is their definition of an onion?! It’s crucial when canning to have the ratio of sugar/vinegar and veggies match up so you don’t make people sick. After playing around with measurements and a batch, I was ready to roll and made four delicious batches of that stuff. It’s great mixed with cream cheese for crackers and as a glaze on meat. I can’t wait for its debut! Now for a name…
As I was cutting up the peppers, one of them smiled at me. No, really, it did! The best part was I had just finished talking to my oldest son on the phone and was thinking of the conversation-I think the pepper knew I was happy and it was happy, too. At least that’s what I told myself as I chopped it up.  So, with that in mind, it’s time to get busy. Enjoy the pepper and smile when no one’s looking!


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  1. Theresa Bachmeier

    Funny picture. My brain is out of naming ideas for the new mixture. I’ll need to try it this weekend and the naming epiphany(sp?) will occur.

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