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Here’s a fact that’s no secret-it’s awful outside! We have gotten more rain in the past two weeks than the whole summer combined; now how fair is that?! The farmers want to harvest, I need to be cleaning off the garden and prepping beds for next spring, and instead I’m googling plans for an ark.
Today is apple day in my household; I have a large box which contains bruised apples that need to be addressed today, so they are going to get washed, trimmed of bruises, and either made into slices in syrup or applesauce. When I have more time, I’ll convert that applesauce to apple butter. I want to sneak in an apple bar recipe my sister swears by, not at, as well as some Juneberry muffins. All of this before we go to town at 4 to pick up son from practice, visit the chiropractor, and attend the Farm Bureau dinner tonight. Busy day as usual…
Before I go I must share a secret with you; if you are buying beer bread in a kit, you are spending way too much money on a recipe one could make in minutes with easy ingredients. I was guilty of doing this because who doesn’t love beer bread?! While it’s hard to part with the beer, this recipe is worth it.  I found the recipe and have never looked back-and when you make it yourself, you can add fun ingredients and  know it all came from your kitchen. I whipped up two loaves this morning in five minutes and both are polar opposites-one is savory and one is sweet. This would make a great gift-mix the dry together, put it in a bag, attach a can of beer or pop and a recipe card. Wait, I should SELL these kits! Never mind!
Beer Bread
In a one cup measuring cup, measure 4 tsp baking powder and 3/8 tsp salt; fill the rest of the cup with all-purpose flour +two additional cups all-purpose flour into a large mixing bowl. (total of 3 cups flour)
Add half cup of sugar and stir these together as well as any add ins (see note below); slowly pour in a can of beer-the cheaper the better and stir (don’t over stir!)  Pour into greased loaf pan;melt two tablespoons of butter and drizzle over the top- bake at 350 for 40 mts. Remove from pan after ten minutes and cool completely. Excellent toasted……
Add-ins: replace salt with onion or garlic salt, half cup of shredded cheese, basil, oregano or spice of your choice OR use a can of pop-I used cola and 1 T of sweet popcorn salt. Yummy!
Here’s what came out of my oven this morning-try making some on this cold, wet day and surprise the family! The one on the left is savory and made with beer and the one on the right is sweet and made with cola.

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