Apples Abound…

When it rains, it pours-this has been literally and figuratively this week with the abundance of rain/snow AND the apples. Many calls this week from people who want to give me apples-and while I appreciate each and every call, I can only handle so many apples at once. The problem lies in saying no; it is nearly impossible for me to say it, especially when it involves the versatile apple. I have my first big catering gig tonight with the Carrington Knights of Columbus and so made (surprise) caramel apple mini-cheesecakes. As usual, it’s a Frankenstein type of recipe since I took bits and pieces from different recipes to make my own. I’ll be making a ton of apple pie jam this week to get the first wave of apples out of cold storage and then pick up apples from two people who are anxious to give me theirs.
It will be a busy day today-there are three batches of dinner rolls in the bread machines for tonight; it finally dawned on me to turn them on in half hour intervals so I don’t have 75 rolls ready at the same time. I made the Swedish meatballs last night so they could sit in the fridge and get yummier mixed together; I’ll start baking them after I blog to get the oven warmed up for the buns. We’re going to grill the turkey and take that to the church to slice up once we get there. I’m learning the importance of lists and timing when it comes to catering, but I think my days at the Residence Dining Center during my college days helps out-we did a lot of catering back then and even though I didn’t do the planning, after a while you get the hang of it.
Brrr, it’s chilly outside this morning! My husband’s honeydo list includes getting the dog house set up for our dog so she can sleep in some warmth.  While the cats go to the barn to sleep in the loft, I know our dog won’t leave the front porch; I’d say it’s to protect us from bad people, but in truth, she’d wag her tail at them and beg to be pet. Not a guard dog when it comes to people, but deer, raccoons, and snakes are no match for her.
With that, it’s time to get busy. May your Monday be productive and your smiles abundant-it makes the day go smoother. Here’s a picture of the individual cheesecakes…don’t drool on your keyboard.