Pumpkin Swirl Bread

I’m making apple pie jam today so my blog will be brief but before October disappears, I have to share a fantastic bread recipe I created yesterday. As usual, I took elements of one and made it my own-I try to follow a recipe, but before I know it, I’m throwing in this and substituting that. However, I must say this is not only a delicious bread, but easy to make and fun to roll because it starts with the bread machine and finishes in the oven. Make it with or without pecans, try walnuts or almonds and maybe use craisins instead of raisins-be creative! With my large bread machine, the yeast goes in first, followed by dry and finishes with wet, but yours may be the opposite. It also makes a two pound loaf, but if you have a smaller one, you may want to cut the ingredients in half.

Pumpkin Swirl Bread-makes two, one lb loaves
1 pkg yeast (in half would be a tsp + 1/8)
4 c bread flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp each ginger and cloves
1/3 c chopped pecans
2/3 c milk, warmed for 15 seconds
2/3 c pumpkin
1 egg, slightly beaten
4 T butter, cut up and at room temp (cut it when it’s cold and let it set)
3 T warm honey (I actually add it to the milk and put them both in the microwave to save time)
Select manual white bread cycle on machine and when it’s done (mine takes two hours) spread some butter in the shape of a rectangle on the counter; divide the dough in two and set one aside or roll it into a loaf and place in a greased 9″ loaf pan.
Roll out the dough a little less than the width of your pan, microwave 3 T butter and drizzle over it, followed by 3 T sugar, generously apply cinnamon and dot raisins on it. Roll it up, place seam side down in the greased loaf pan and let it raise for 45 minutes. When there’s ten minutes left, turn the oven to 350 to get it heated well before baking. Bake for 40 minutes or until the crust sounds hollow. Let cool in pan for ten minutes and then release it. At this point your family will be hovering around it, expecting a large slice slathered in butter while it’s still warm. Go ahead-they’re worth it. Here’s the final product: make it, make changes, and let me know how it went for you! Eat a loaf with your family and give the other to someone who needs a pick-me-up.