I Got Nothing…

First off, that is horrible grammar and I know it. However, it is describing my brain perfectly this morning; I guess I could have written ‘Cobwebs are in more places than just our bathrooms’ but that was too long. I swear, I have been sitting in front of this screen for five minutes and woke myself up only because a drop of drool dripped on my hand, startling me. Ok, not that bad, but pretty close. It’s not that I’m tired-I’m not-but putting to print what I’m thinking is tough today. I am guessing it’s because I have a really busy week and it almost makes me freeze. What do I do first? How am I supposed to get this all done? What if I fail? It’s time for THE LIST to make its appearance and set me in the right direction…that and a good cup of coffee.
Yesterday we spent the afternoon cleaning off the garden; it started off windy but then it calmed down and it was pleasant working out there. One forgets how much there is to do at the end of the season until the work begins; we got all the tomato cages, coffee cans and fence posts out of the ground and into the grainery before starting the raspberries. Every year we buzz them down to about a foot high and this time we did both summer and fall berries; the buzzing is the easy part-removing the canes is not and our son got the honor of doing that. We worked until it was too dark to see; both of us thought it was after seven and instead it was 5:45. Depressing. That extra hour in the morning was nice, but losing it at night was not. I have two ‘meetings’ in town this morning, and then it’s back out there to get the black plastic off and clear all the debris left. I usually put that in a big pile and my husband carts it away. The concrete is also coming today!
Well, that’s it. Hopefully I’m more chatty tomorrow and have it all figured out. Ha!

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  1. Roseanne Mahoney

    Just make “short” lists and/or trick yourself into AM and PM lists. Or, write on a small piece of paper…that in itself makes a lovely short list. All a matter of perception.

  2. All I saw on that comment was the word ‘short’ meaning, “Brenda, you are short. Deal with it.” But I do like the idea of writing it on a small piece of paper-I use a large note tablet. You may be on to something…

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