A Yummy Accident

The other day we shredded the last three cabbages which were camping out in the veggie fridge; I wrapped them in the green bag and extended their life, but even the bag can’t make them store forever. We decided to make a recipe my infamous brother in law introduced us to…this is the same outlaw-I mean in-law-who introduced kuchen to us. I swear-what were Minnesota Germans thinking when they immigrated? Did they completely forget all the good recipes and immerse themselves into American cuisine?! I don’t know of anyone growing up who knew what kuchen, cheese buttons, knoefla,  fleischkuchle or kraut rolls were, much less made. I guess I should be happy our grandma and mom made lefse and that’s only because my aunt married a Norwegian. Minnesota ladies can make a mean hotdish, though. But I digress…Kraut rolls were introduced to us and they use the same dough as the kuchen base. Filled with hamburger, onions, and cabbage, these little rolls are baked and devoured while warm. I made them for the first time on Monday night with my son and then last night, mixed up another batch to finish the burger/cabbage mix. I only had five left and the mixture was gone, so I decided to improvise. I had cooked plenty of hamburger, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, one should ALWAYS have cooked hamburger in the fridge and/or freezer; it makes for a speedy meal when you don’t have time to defrost and cook up a pound. I took a sliced pickle out of the fridge, dried it off, added a chunk of Velveeta, a squirt of ketchup and a dollop of meat in the center of the dough circle, wrapped it and baked them. No kidding, these were the best thing I have eaten in awhile. My hubby came home from work and I had him eat two of them warm from the oven before giving him free reign of the kraut rolls. He loved them, too, but actually preferred them to the krauties. Did I just see you drool on your keyboard? It’s ok-I did, too. I slipped a few in the fridge for our little one, because I knew if I didn’t, we would eat all of them. I am looking forward to making these for the Knights of Columbus men-they will love them. These would be great as an appetizer before a game! The possibilities are endless-now, what to call them?
I met with the siding guy from Jamestown today; they resided our house a few years ago and are going to do the new addition. Such a nice man; it’s good to work with people who aren’t sharks and only looking for their bottom line. I only have so many organs I can sell…
With that, there is much to do today. I still have a few closets to clean/organize/groan in dismay at, and I’m starting to bake for Saturday’s sale in Harvey. The first picture is of the kraut roll, the second of the cheeseburger surprise. I’m not ready for snow!


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  1. Laurie Dietz

    What you call the kraut roll is what my mother in law makes and we call them ‘bombushkies’ – not sure of the spelling. She forms them so they look somewhat like a football. They are awesome!

  2. I’ll be honest; I’m not sure what these are really called, but they have kraut in them and are a roll, so that’s the name I’ve given them. Either way, they are delicious!

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