Black Friday on the farm…


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means absolutely nothing. We are going to town this morning because Dan needs some things at Running’s and we have items to drop off at the thrift store, but otherwise it’s just another day in paradise for us. Our day includes decorating for the holidays and cleaning out the garage in preparation for the construction. Doesn’t that sound like a fun afternoon?!
Yesterday was a day to give thanks in this fine country of ours. While on Facebook, one couldn’t help but read all the posts of things for which to be thankful, and while those are warm , fuzzy and all very admirable, I decided to make a list of obscure things I am thankful for having in my life. The obnoxious buzzer/timer on my oven is essential in my life: besides keeping track of all the things in my oven, that thing is so loud you can hear it outside, in the shower, or the far reaches of the house. It has timed my hair color to perfection and lets my son know how long he’s been practicing piano or trumpet. Living on a farm gives you an added benefit of a parking lot and kitty litter box all in one as well! No parking tickets for parking illegally, no moving the car on odd/even days and plenty of places to park close to the house when the holidays arrive. Our animals leave their treats all over the place and it’s ok; we mow it over and it’s part of the circle of life-no walking around with a plastic bag around here. It also means no walking around barefoot in the grass, but that’s a small price to pay…Finally, I am thankful there was no Facebook or cell phone when growing up. It was fun to get a phone call from a friend or boyfriend and you actually-gasp-communicated in a two way conversation with complete sentences. There was no LOLing-we actually did laugh-a lot! We share way too much as a whole, both young and old, on Facebook. If you post more than once in a day, there is an issue. We truly don’t need to know every detail of your life; keep some things close to the vest, please. My husband is worried every time I blog that I’m revealing private things about us such as credit card numbers, bank statements and bowel movements. No worries there, sweetie. Back to the cell phone; it is sad to see people gathered and instead of talking, interacting, or getting in touch with nature, they are tied to their phones with texting or on the internet. Do kids go outside and play anymore?! I kicked my son out yesterday to play/exercise in the early afternoon; it was a beautiful day in North Dakota-still, sunny and picture perfect. He and the dog had a great time out there while I worked on the late dinner. Whoa, better get off that soap box; it’s getting dented with my opinions. Good thing it’s my blog.
Enjoy your Friday off-I am certain there are few people working and those who are probably wish they weren’t. I am looking forward to eating leftovers for the next five days since I made enough food yesterday. Just another thing to be thankful for this weekend…
Today’s whimsical picture is from this summer; I love this little teddy bear strawberry and how it’s great reminder God never makes mistakes-just another way of looking at something. And yes, that is one single strawberry…

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As usual, you make me think and be thankful for all we have and don’t have! Thanks

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