Sam Ojuri And Shopping…

One of the disadvantages to living in the sticks of North Dakota is the availability of shopping. We are fortunate in Carrington to have more stores than most, but when trying to find something such as liners for a roaster, one needs to go to the big city. We went shopping on the Saturday before Christmas in Fargo-the bad idea alert should have been clanging loudly when we thought this would be a good idea. No matter where you where in Fargo, traffic was slow and made slower by the snow and ice. I must say, parking in the winter up here is comical; you can’t see the lines for your car so people will park wherever or however they please. We went to CVS on Sunday and created our own row…why not? It was cold, windy, and we were pretty certain there should be two rows. Why not start one?! The second dumb idea we did was to go to Scheel’s on Saturday; that place was PACKED and the lines were long. My sons went to the gun section because our Navy son had to check them out; I swear he thinks he’s Chuck Norris now. He carries a knife with him everywhere…which at first I thought was creepy until I’ve needed his knife services several times now. While they went to weapon inspections, I  went to the Bison section because one can not have too much Bison gear. While I was there, I looked up and saw a young man smile at me-it was SAM OJURI. If you live under a rock and/or don’t know the Bison, he is THE running back for the Bison. I couldn’t help myself; I smiled back and went over to him. This would have mortified my children, but I didn’t care. We chatted for a few minutes and gave him a side hug-I didn’t want to freak him out too much! Here’s the difference between me as a mom and the typical fan; I didn’t want a picture with him (ok, secretly I did, but didn’t ask for one-such restraint!) but to thank his mother and talk to her. I ended up talking to mom, uncle, and aunt-mom even gave ME a hug when I told her I gave my students bonus points for wearing Bison gear on Fridays. Such nice people. I liked that guy before, but I really admire him now. That young man has a mega-watt smile and was fun to chat with; he made my day.
It’s the day before Christmas Eve and there is much to do; the house needs a going-over, the ham needs to be thawed, food prepped, and meals made. I’m going to make a pomegranate kuchen for a student today; wish me luck as I’ve never made one before. I’m thankful she de-seeded it for me; I love that girl, but not that much. Kidding.  Just to make things interesting, I must have pulled a muscle in the left rib cage area, because I can hardly breathe, move, sneeze, or bend down without grimacing. Yep, I needed that today. Not. Makes life more interesting, I guess. Why clean and prep a house in good shape?! Throw in a monkey wrench and see how one  fares-challenge accepted.
I’ll leave you with a picture of my two bookends. They are so different and yet so similar and when the older one comes home, the younger is much happier. So are we.


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